Examples of musical scores created by members of Contakt

Copying these scores and performing the music in public is allowed as long as the composer is identified as the creator of the music.

A new way be found Paul Burnell
A Lovely Piece of Music Paul Burnell
There’s a Tree Filled with Wings Paul Burnell
In One Breath Paul Burnell
Flax Field Dew Paul Burnell
Face Each Aged Ache postcard size on A4 Paul Burnell
Cabbage Heads Paul Burnell
Abbess Gadea Paul Burnell
Tessa’s Tale Ann Wolff
Long Scissors Ann Wolff
Over The Heel Stone Deborah Edwards
Rotations Deborah Edwards
Staircase Music Deborah Edwards
Schott to pieces Deborah Edwards
shape-shifting Deborah Edwards
Take 7+1 Deborah Edwards
The Touring Machine Deborah Edwards
Ghost Studies Kerry Andrews
Tract Kerry Andrews