Concert Jul 2012

07 July 2012 – Mile End Art Pavilion

Train Talk Deborah Edwards
Survey Paul Burnell
Pavilion Exam Ann Wolff
Ferry Event Ann Wolff
Letting Go Derek Foster
Is That You? (or is it just me?) Paul Burnell
From here to hear:
a line of enquiry
Kerry Andrews
From here to there and back Deborah Edwards

Kerry Andrews
Karen Burnell
Paul Burnell
Deborah Edwards
Derek Foster
Ann Wolff
Tenor Horn, recorder
Oboe, recorder
Voice, percussion

Train Talk – Deborah Edwards

This is a recording of a performance that took place in November 2009. The performers included Ben Lane, violin and Sally J Davies, voice, as well as members of Contakt.

Survey – Paul Burnell

For solo instrument and pre-recorded backing. Recordings were made at four locations in the grounds of Mile End Art Pavilion, and these were combined for use as the backing track for an oboe solo. All the notated sheet music was generated by translating the location map references and recording/performing dates into notes and rhythms.

Pavilion Exam. – Story by Ann Wolff – Interpreted by the Players

The lake gave a peaceful view for the examinees in the Pavilion. But there were disturbances, upsetting for the student and for the calm of an exam. The Student needed a pass mark and so he supported the Invigilator in his efforts to restore quiet. Finally the Controller arrives and establishes order.

Ferry Event – put together by Ann Wolff

The ferry was leaving the port when there was a disturbance, and each passenger responded in their own way, thus giving us an electronic interpretation.

Letting Go – Derek Foster

When playing music we ‘animate larger areas’ than our bodies and communicate
with other players, sometimes mediated by a conductor or by the written
In this piece, most of the music is fairly free and loosely composed, but based on a large chord that changes to another in the middle and then back again. Various performers direct and are responded to (or not). In the final stage the players play their own phrases and then drop notes until each has only one note – the resulting chord is not foreseen and represents a ‘letting go’ of the compositional process. This idea came directly from the free improvisation workshops of Maggie Nicols.

Is That You? (or is it just me?) – Paul Burnell

Two instruments play the same noted musical phrases, but with one player starting at the bottom of the page and playing them in ‘reverse order’ – the result being a brief musical meeting at some point in the middle of the piece. The piece was inspired by a quizzical encounter with a blackbird.

From hear to here: a line of enquiry: a sketch – Kerry Andrews

‘… the line of wayfaring, accomplished through the practices of dwelling and the circuitous movements they entail, is topian…’. Tim Ingold, Lines: A Brief History
As mentioned in the title, and in keeping with Tim Ingold’s notion of wayfaring, this sound piece, like many of my works, is an improvisation on a theme that has interested me in different ways for many years. The finding of any piece of ‘art’, for me, needs to remain up to the last minute – so that I experience it, new, along with any audience.

From here to there and back – Deborah Broderick Edwards

I chose five pitches to ‘represent’ my inner self. Those are sounded electronically and repeated over and over again in a rhythmically random pattern. Each set is treated with different reverbs and additional sounds, ‘representing’ the various different aspects of my inner space. Each performer has been given a set of 5 pitches in several different rhythmic patterns. They improvise to the laptop music using these patterns in any way they choose, so that every time this piece is performed, it is different, ‘representing’ the different aspects of my geographical extension.