Concert Jun 2010

13 June 2010 – The home of Deborah Edwards

5 pm concert

Pointillist Waves Derek Foster
Staircase Music Deborah Broderick Edwards
Two-part Return Paul Burnell
Meditation/Improvisation Derek Foster
site_pitch_beat Kerry Andrews
40 Years On Hugh Shrapnel
House Chatter Deborah Edwards

7 pm concert

Noteworthy Ann Wolff
The Lion and the Scorpion Paul Burnell
And now … Deborah Broderick Edwards
Music for Carillon No. 1 (1952/8) John Cage
site_pitch_beat Kerry Andrews


Ben Lane Violin
Karen Burnell Percussion, tenor horn
Paul Burnell Oboe
Ann Wolff Theremin, recorder
Derek Foster Vibraphone
Deborah Edwards Piano
Kerry Andrews Cello
Hugh Shrapnel African xylophone, penny whistle, bell

Pointillist Waves – Derek Foster

A text, instructs the players to invent a series of notes and play them continuously, very gradually and independently getting faster and slower, so that occasionally one instrument’s melody stands out.

Staircase Music – Deborah Broderick Edwards (View score)

The music goes slowly up the stairs, then runs back down.

Two-part Return – Paul Burnell

A piece for oboe, slit drum and pre-recorded backing.

Meditation/Improvisation – Derek Foster

Developed in conjunction with Jatin Shah, this was first performed in the Jain Temple, Potters Bar to open a programme of Indian spiritual music.

site_pitch_beat – Kerry Andrews

This short video is a study towards a larger work. It aims to treat image and sound equally, exploring the idea of local space as an extended arena of the figure.

40 Years OnHugh Shrapnel

After 40 Years was written for the weekend organised by Carole Finer and put on by Resonance FM last May to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Scratch Orchestra in 1969.

House Chatter – Deborah Edwards

The actual sounds of water (dripping, splashing etc) electronically manipulated. This formed part of a ‘House Concert’ staged over different areas of the composer’s home.

Noteworthy – Ann Wolff

Each note is presented in its own right, and then, after some exploration, joins with the others to form a single unified sequence, constructed with the unchanging notes.

The Lion and the Scorpion – Paul Burnell

A piece for oboe, bell and pre-recorded backing.

And now… – Deborah Broderick Edwards

Exploring the ideas in a piece I wrote 25 years ago (And then…), but as I am now…

Music for Carillon No. 1 (1952/8)John Cage

The notes are generated by chance operations in order to ‘bring about a situation in which the sounds themselves would be autonomous’. This is an (unauthorised!) transcription for vibraphone.