Concert Mar 2017

25 March 2017 – Schott’s Recital Room

Logo for concert Mar 17

Satis Daniel Figols-Cuevas
As long as Kerry Andrews
Beyond the Still Water Jerry Wigens
It was 50 years ago today Derek Foster
Fly Away Deborah Edwards
Kerry Andrews
Deborah Broderick Edwards
Gordon Edwards
Danial Figols-Cuevas
Derek Foster
Ilze Ikse
Jerry Wigens
Washboard, cow bell, wood block


Kerry Andrews is a visual artist who has always been interested in music and sound. He often uses the three modes together – e.g. audio with static or moving images, or graphic scores which use traditional notation alongside graphics or images. His visual artwork has developed through various media over the years, but is currently based in drawing, which is sometimes extended into video projection and sound.

Deborah Broderick Edwards was born in the USA in 1942, where she studied piano during her school years and at university. She moved to London in 1969. Her works have been performed in the UK and the USA. She has written for a wide range of instrumental groupings, from solo piano and small ensembles to full chamber ensemble, songs and choral works, recently experimenting with electronics.

Daniel Figols-Cuevas was born in Barcelona in 1980. Cellist and physicist, he studied composition at ESMuC, Barcelona and Paris Conservatoire. He also studied electronic music at IRCAM, Paris, where he focused in real-time electronics, interactive music installations and Computer Assisted Composition. He is currently finishing a PhD in composition in King’s College London under Silvina Milstein and George Benjamin’s supervision.
Daniel’s music has been performed by KlangforumWien, Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, Ensemble Vocal Exaudi, NEM, Orchestre National de Lorraine, BCN216, Lontano Ensemble, Musica Qu Lacoza, UMS n’ JIP and Vertixe Sonora.

Derek Foster gained his BMus from Goldsmiths College as a mature student, after attending various evening classes at Morley College. He currently teaches music in West London and plays piano and vibraphone, encouraging many composers to write for the latter instrument.
Derek plays in a duo with composer/pianist Anthony Green.
He has written music in a tonal style, including for jazz bands he once played with, as well as atonal music, occasionally reaching from one idiom to the other.

Gordon Edwards is a professional physicist who spent much time in the 70s as a washboard player in jazz bands, whilst simultaneously earning his living by measuring the speed of light at the National Physical Laboratory. Subsequently he took up the drums and is still involved in jazz.

Ilze Ikse is a flautist based in London. She obtained her BA and MA at the Latvian Academy of Music. Ilze continued her studies at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and later moved to London where she received an S.S. Payne Award to study for a Postgraduate Diploma at the Royal Academy of Music.
Ilze has a special interest in contemporary music and has worked with many young composers as well as with the renowned Distractfold Ensemble, Dr. K and the Clapton Ensemble.
Ilze’s recent performances have taken her to the Royal Festival Hall, the Barbican Hall, St James’ Church Piccadilly, The Forge, Grimeborne, Tête à Tête Opera Festival, Rough For Opera and London Contemporary Music Festival, as well as venues in France, Sweden and Spain.
She is also part of Kammer Klang – a series of live music events at Café Oto, presenting curated programmes of new contemporary classical, experimental music.

Jerry Wigens is a composer who produces works in fixed and open forms. He plays guitars and clarinets and is also interested in improvised musical activity of all kinds, and has participated in workshops led by Eddie Prevost and George E Lewis. His concern for placing creative musicians at the heart of the creative process was a central theme in the practise-based research undertaken for a Ph.D in composition awarded by Goldsmiths University of London in 2014. He currently works on a freelance basis in a variety of musical contexts as tutor, performer and writer.