Concert Mar 2016

20 March 2016 – Hoxton Hall,  N1 6SH


A contemporary variety show organised by the experimental music ensemble Contakt.


Hoxton Hall

Hoxton Hall

This event explored the significance of place in music and in our collective and individual lives, bringing together thirty musicians to explore a wide variety of contemporary soundworlds


The programme for the event, viewable here, contains brief biographies of the performers and notes on the pieces performed.

Photographs of many of the performers, together with a selection of the visual art works, can be viewed here.

Recordings of some of the pieces are accessible using the player to the right.

  • No Holds Barred (excerpt) – composer Derek Foster
  • Coasts – composer Deborah Edwards
  • Cecilia – composer Janet Oates
  • A Very Big Noise – composer Ann Wolff
  • What Shall I Say – composer Deborah Edwards
  • Warp and Weft – created by Isabel White, Robin Pilcher, James Hodgson, Sabina Virtosu, Cassandra Mathews, Irene Wernli and Emma O’Rourke
  • Like Air Over Water – composer Kerry Andrews
  • Hwaet – composer Janet Oates
  • Kiss – composer Paul Burnell


Photographs of some of the events

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